Functions Evodeaf

Evodeaf and its functions

Inclusive experience without limits!

Discover new and extraordinary features of theapp Evodeaf, the state of the art application that creates connection between people overcoming language barriers.

L’app it is designed to relate the world of the hard of hearing with that of the deaf, opening the door to millions of opportunities for both worlds.

We are pleased to present to you the new and amazing features ofapp Evodeaf, a powerful state of the art application that will allow you to live an experience of translation and connected like never before. Thanks to its exciting range of features, this innovative app opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities for all people living with deafnessoffering a huge revolution in the field of communication and social interaction.

Discover the unlimited potential of the Evodeaf, which translates into greater inclusion and accessibility for users with deafnessbecause it breaks down barriers of communication and facilitates a connection deeper between individuals of different hearing abilities. Through its sophisticated translation technology, l’app Evodeaf allows for a clearer understanding, and accurate, facilitating smooth communication, and addictive among the people.

A world of opportunities will open, in which people with deafness they can actively participate in conversations, social events and initiatives working to overcome the limitations of language barriers. Evodeaf represents, therefore, a resource of inestimable value, which enriches the lives of the people, promotes the emotional connection and mutual understanding.

Evodeaf and all of the new features available (1)
Two-Way Communication

Translate Sign language in the text and vice versa with an animated avatar (7)
Evodeaf Wiki

Allows you to communicate in 6 languages (8)
Evodeaf Scan

Scans text and translates it in Sign language choice
Evodeaf Chat

Create a community of support and resources for users, allowing you to connect with people from all over the world. (2)
Evodeaf Car

Evodeaf transforms the device into an assistant for the guide to recognizing the different sounds of danger outside the car. (5)
Evodeaf Kids

Evodeaf makes learning sign language fun for children through activities and games. (6)
Evodeaf Map

Identifies the activities, places and services that use technology Evodeaf to make the experience accessible to anyone. (3)
Evodeaf Community

Evodeaf offers a virtual environment by connecting users that they can offer and receive support, share experiences and offer mutual support. (4)
Interactive Kiosk

Evodeaf helps to interface with the services offered by projecting signs and messages sign language. (10)
Avatar Holographic

Evodeaf combines technology and artificial intelligence to translate words in sign language and to offer an interactive and engaging experience.