Who we are

The inspiring story of Evodeaf has its roots in 2020, when Francis Cannon, an all-hearing, and Anna Matveyeva, a person suffering from deafnessthey met in unique circumstances. During a training course at an academy of investors, Anna was one of the students, while Francis played the role of coach. It was during this meeting that Francis saw the multiple challenges related to communication with deaf people. This meeting marked the beginning of the ambitious project of who we are. Driven by passion and determination, Francesco and Anna were soon joined by the other 9 members equally excited about, thus giving life, in 2022, to Evodeaf S. R. L. and extraordinary Evodeaf Digital Integration Platform, known simply as the "Evodeaf". Since then, Evodeaf has made great progress in terms of accessibility and inclusion. The platform has embraced the mission of overcoming the language barriers and make communication a universal law, accessible to all, regardless of hearing ability. Francis and Anna, along with their team members, have worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge solutions, able to break down barriers and promote communication that is more inclusive in all areas of life. Thanks to their dedication, Evodeaf is transforming the way the world interacts with deaf people, allowing them to fully participate in society, to culture and education.

Who we are Evodeaf and finally, as we were born

And so it is that today, we are who we are

The idea of Evodeaf was founded in 2020 from the encounter between Francis Cannon, deaf, and Anna Matveyeva, deaf, on the occasion of the training course for the academy of Investors in which Anna was one of the students, and Francis, the coach; the latter, in that circumstance, we became aware of the many difficulties that the people hearing people have to communicate in the moment in which they don't possess the appropriate tools to enter into a relationship with the deaf people.

Francis, Anna, and the other nine members gave it life, in 2022, to Evodeaf S. R. L. and Evodeaf Digital Integration Platform, hereinafter referred to as “Evodeaf”.


Francesco Cannone


Vadym Matvyeyev


Daniela Trinca


Barbara Dos Santos


Anna Matveyeva


Tiziano Galassi


Filippo Grillo


Paola Castelletti


Giuseppe Vaccaro


Michel Juvet