This page describes how to receive the $EDTL Token free

Purchases and referrals

Purchase a Personal Subscription:
When you purchase a subscription ofappyou receive 100% of the value of the subscription in the form of $EDTL Token.
This means that the full amount you spent to the subscription you are refunded in the utility token of the company.

Referral Direct (First Level):
In addition to this, if you recruit, directly to new customers, you will receive a commission of 10% on $EDTL on the value of your subscriptions from their paid in euros.

Referral Indirect of the Second Level:
Earn a 5% commission $EDTL on the customers referred by your direct referrals.

Referral Indirect Third Level:
You'll also get a commission of 5% on $EDTL on the customers referred by your referrals of the second level.

Referral Indirect Fourth Level:
The commission is 3% $EDTL on the customers referred by your referrals of the third level.

Referral Indirect Fifth Level:
You earn a commission of 2% on the $EDTL on the customers brought in by your referrals to the fourth level.

In summary, the system provides an incentive for immediate in the form of a token $EDTL equal to 100% of the cost of the subscription at the time of purchase staff, in addition to a commission structure for the dissemination of the platform. This model is designed to encourage both the purchase and the staff of the subscription is the expansion of the network of referrals.

Participation in the Webinar

– Inviting 1 friend who is not registered to the platform in the webinar you'll receive 5 $EDTL Token
– Inviting 3 acquaintances who are not enrolled to the platform to the webinar will receive $50 EDTL Token
– For the first 10 who sign up for the webinar will receive a $10 EDTL Token

Participation in the offline events

– Participation 1 offline event receive 10 $EDTL Token
– Inviting 1 friend who is not registered to the platform at the offline Event receive 10 $EDTL Token
– Inviting 3 acquaintances not registered in the platform at the offline Event you receive 100 $EDTL Token
Purchase immediately at the offline event, you will receive 20 $EDTL Token

Note: The token$EDTL is a utility token and not a cryptovaluta and serves only to translate in sign language 1 minute of use of the platform EvoDEAF

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