Evodeaf community

Evodeaf Community is the special function of theapp of Evodeaf that allows users to connect with other people. This function provides a virtual environment, the atmosphere in which users can offer and receive support, share experiences and offer mutual support. Evodeaf Community to facilitate the creation of a network of emotional support and practical training among deaf people, overcoming the barriers of communication, and creating an environment of mutual learning. This function allows you to find support, share useful information, discussions, and feel part of a larger community.

Emotional support and practical

Evodeaf Community allows users to receive emotional support and practical to others in the community deaf.

A virtual environment can provide a safe place in which to share experiences, to face the daily challenges and receive useful advice from someone who has a similar situation.

Sharing knowledge and experiences

Evodeaf Community is an environment that stimulates dialogue and interaction between the users, promoting mutual learning.

You can discover new solutions, strategies and opportunities through the sharing of information and enrichment experiences.

Creating meaningful relationships

The Community of Evodeaf allows you to connect with people who share the same sign language and the culture deaf thus creating a sense of belonging and community.

This connection can lead to new friendships, professional collaboration, and long-lasting relationships based on understanding and mutual empathy.