Interactive kiosk

The Totem Interactive Evodeaf is an innovative solution that helps people suffering from deafness to interface with the services offered. This totem digital projects signs, and messages sign languageby eliminating the barriers of accessibility and allowing everyone to offer or to receive assistance in an effective and inclusive. Positioned in strategic places, the totem offers immediate access to services and information, facilitating communication, and contributing to a more inclusive society.

Barrier-free access

The Totem Interactive Evodeaf is a step towards a more inclusive society, in which the accessibility is guaranteed for all, regardless of hearing ability.

Helps to break down the barriers of access to information and services, fostering communication without limits.

The totem provides immediate access to services and information, where deaf people can communicate their needs, access to important information and assistance.

Autonomy and independence

Use the Interactive kiosk to Evodeaf allows deaf people to access information and services without barriers.

The projection of signs and messages sign language it offers a visual interface and intuitive, allowing you to understand and communicate effectively.

This promotes universal accessibility and gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the services available.

Inclusion and effective communication

The Totem, in addition, it promotes social inclusion and the effective communication between people.

Thanks to the projection of the signs and messages sign languagefacilitates mutual understanding and creates an environment in which everyone can communicate without language barriers.

This thus encourages collaboration, active participation, and the creation of stronger bonds and inclusive within the company.